Common Problems that Fail Home Inspections

One would think that, with finding an optimistic buyer, the process of selling a home is finally over. In reality, however, that isn’t the case. For a house to sell, it has to pass an inspection. A process dreaded by many, especially by those in the business of selling fixer-uppers. More often than not, home inspections tend to reveal many frequently overlooked issues. Ones that could potentially cause prospective buyers to back out from the race. While home evaluation could, quite literally, be deal-breaking, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. By educating yourself about the common problems that fail home inspections, you should be able to prevent the worst-case scenario from occurring. And who knows? Some of the issues could prove rather fixable.

What Are Home Inspections and Why Are They so Important?

In essence, a home inspection is a complete assessment of a property conducted by a licensed inspector. Typically requested by the buyer, its primary role is to disclose any possible issues regarding the dwelling in question. An inspector is bound by law to provide interested parties with an extensive report explaining the current state of the property. Then, buyers are given a chance to properly familiarize themselves with details and decide which of the three options to go with. To continue with the purchase, back down from it, or renegotiate the initial terms.

Naturally, for those purchasing properties, an inspection is crucial. After all, no one wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars only to realize they’ve acquired a home in desperate need of repair.

Sellers, on the other hand, can also benefit from performing a thorough evaluation of the dwelling. This can be completed by an inspector, preferably before the listing has even hit the market. By becoming aware of the existing problems early on, sellers are essentially given a chance to fix them all up before they’ve caused disastrous consequences!

What Are the Common Problems that Fail Home Inspections?

Before we get into details, it’s worth noting that homes don’t receive a PASS or FAIL mark. The report buyers or sellers get only includes a written statement of the property’s actual condition at the time of the evaluation. Even if the inspector regards the house as faulty, the deal could still be finalized should the buyer decide to proceed. Unless, of course, the mortgage provider doesn’t call it quits.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about what problems could make buyers look the other way.

The Roof

All proper real estate agents will tell you that roof assessment is crucial for a home inspection process. After all, it is precisely the roof that protects the interior of the house from suffering damages. You may not be aware of it, but a leaky roof, for starters, is a huge nuisance! If left untreated for a while, the issue could escalate so much that there would be no other way to resolve it but to replace the entire roofing!

Of course, it’s not only actual damages that prove problematic. The age of the roof is also a culprit to buyers withdrawing their offers. The older it is, the higher the probability of something going south. And not everybody is interested in dealing with possible aftermath.

Termite Infestation

Those that have never had a bad case of termites don’t know just what a catastrophe these pests can lead to! If left unattended for some time, termites can pretty much eat away all wooden surfaces inside of a home. Since many buyers would rather run away for the hills than deal with these menaces, checking for termites sooner rather than later is a must.

Should your home-to-be-sold be infested with these gnarly creatures, consider moving away from it while exterminators work on eliminating them? However, leaving your precious belongings in a house that you won’t be in for days is not the smartest of decisions. Luckily, residential movers can be of assistance in these kinds of situations! For one, they can help you move your items with no hassle to another location. But beware! You don’t want them to bring any wooden pieces with them, or else you risk infesting the new place or the storage unit as well.

Rot and Mold

Commonly caused by moisture, rot and mold aren’t only unsightly but also detrimental to health! Being exposed to the two for prolonged periods can lead to not one but several health-related issues. Additionally, they may even exacerbate the existing conditions!

Structural Issues

One of the most common problems that fail home inspections is structural issues. A good roof is useless if it doesn’t have a proper foundation to keep it from crumbling. Sadly, the structural elements are prone to deterioration caused by, for example, termites, old age, or improper water drainage. While home inspections will bring forth structural issues, they, unfortunately, can’t always be solved.

Electrical Problems

Not easily seen by an ordinary eye but recognized by home inspectors, issues of electrical nature are a huge red flag for buyers. The common ones include frayed wiring, faulty installations, and reverse polarity. For everyone’s safety, you want these dealt with as soon as possible!

Plumbing-related Issues

Much like electrical problems, the ones with plumbing can pass undetected for ages. They could cause significant damage that can lead to devastating expenses on your end. Typical plumbing issues discovered by inspectors include leaking pipes, faulty water heaters, and clogged sewer drains.

The Bottom Line

While mandatory home inspections can make or break the sale, the common problems that fail home inspections can, in fact, be resolved. By knowing what to look for, you can seek help before putting the house on the market! Once the inspector has provided you with information on what requires improvement, you can approach the process of fixing it all up. Then, when the prospective buyer requests a home evaluation, you can rest assured knowing your property will pass it with flying colors!

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